Was it the Shoulder Pads?

February 13, 2018

No, I am not still lamenting the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl. I’m wondering if my 80’s fashion choices led to two, count ‘em, two shoulder surgeries.

I’m headed out to have the second shoulder done in a few moments, so if any of you read this Tuesday morning send a good thought out into the universe for me. I like my doctor, and my recovery was quick on the other shoulder, so I’m hoping for the best. The worst part is heading out of the house with no makeup or hair products or moisturizer. Thanks goodness it’s winter and sunny – a parka with a hood and sunglasses are my new best friends.

I’m not being blasé about this, I know surgery is always risky and not anyone’s first choice, but I’m not having a replacement, just, as the good doctor says, “A clean up”. I have what’s called an impingement, the space in my shoulder joint is too narrow, and therefore the things that need to move around in there get inflamed and painful. So a bit of scraping and space-making and I’ll be (hopefully) good to go.

So what caused this? Genetics? Bad luck? Heavy handbags? Those afore mentioned 80’s shoulder pads? I know, they’re not THAT heavy, but man, I could rock me some shoulder pads.

Well, we’ll never know. I’m just happy McNeil Orthopedics’ Dr. Stephen McNeil and his staff always take such good care of me. And I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep very soon…




Winter Doldrums

January 31, 2018

At this time of year I want to lay on the couch with a blanket, watch TV and eat things. I don’t do well in winter. We do have some outings planned, but a trip to warmer climes isn’t for a while yet and in the meantime I’m cranky. So when the temperature actually rose […]

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To GMO or Not to GMO

January 24, 2018

In a perfect world all of our food supply would be organically grown and free from genetic modification. It’s quite obvious we don’t live in a perfect world and most of us would prefer not to think about where our food actually comes from; the images of factory farms and dying bees is the stuff […]

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Grand Canal Anniversary Tour

December 30, 2017

While in Venice we arranged for a guided tour of Basilica San Marco and the Ducal Palace. Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside the Basilica. Laura, from Venice with a Guide, expertly guided us through the must-see sights, insuring we saw the Basilica under illumination, which made the gold ceilings shimmer. 31 years to build […]

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Mangiare Venezia

December 29, 2017

… or Eating Venice. At least eating our way through Venice. The history, the architecture and the beauty are astounding, but what would they be without the great food to go along with them? We asked one local guide for recommendations as well as took a Venice Food Tour with another, so we have been […]

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Harry’s Bar

December 28, 2017

I try not to be an Ugly American when I travel. I learn a few phrases, I am polite, I smile. I have few expectations, as I know full well things will be different in a foreign country. It was Christmas night in Venice, and we’d reserved at Harry’s Bar, probably one of the most […]

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Venice for Christmas

December 27, 2017

Our anniversary falls during Christmas week, and we like to plan a getaway to celebrate. This year, knowing we didn’t have any Christmas plans we decided to spend the holiday in a place we’d both wanted to visit but had not yet gotten to; Venice. I booked the airline and the lovely Hotel Palazzo Abadessa, […]

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Caveman It Up

December 20, 2017

A holiday meal should be extra special, and for those of us who happen to be carnivorous nothing beats a gorgeous rib roast. I bought the prime rib pictured from the meat department manager at Market Basket, who was kind enough to have it cut just for me. He asked how many ribs I’d like, […]

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Calling All Angels

December 12, 2017

The Standard Times, New Bedford’s local newspaper, (and, full disclosure, the paper in which my articles appear weekly) is selling a photograph taken by staff photographer Mike Valeri back in 1997 to raise money for the Salvation Army’s Neediest Families program. The photo was of a Padenarum (a village in South Dartmouth, MA) sunset. After […]

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And the Party Continues

November 28, 2017

You all know I’ve been celebrating my 60th birthday since about mid-summer. The actual date was Thanksgiving, 11/23 and the dance party was the night after. And what a great birthday celebration it all was. Having my brother from another mother, Mark, and his wife Jan here for the holiday was so special and I […]

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