Boat for Sale

September 20, 2016


They say the best days of boat ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. I can only comment on the first day. Almost 10 years ago we were very excited to buy our 34’ O’Day, Bolero. We had big plans, and early on we did everything we could to spend as much time on her as we could. I’d race over on my Friday lunch hour to drop off ice and groceries so we could head out for the weekend as soon as we were both out of work. We dreamed of sailing down the Intracoastal Waterway (well, actually I think you do more motoring than sailing), and possibly over to the Caribbean. The dreams kept us going during our working years and over the winters when she was out of the water and on the hard.

Sailboats in rough weather are a workout of their own. Hell, sailboats in good weather are a workout.

But something else happened during that time as well. While our skills improved and our decommissioning and re-commissioning became rote we found ourselves spending less time on the water. Family issues, with loses of loved ones and elderly parents, other projects requiring time (and money), and new interests took over. I must sadly report that we didn’t even launch Bolero for the season until late June and we sailed her exactly once this summer. And interestingly, neither one of us was dying to race down there to spend time on her.

Boat ownership is a tough gig. I do guilt really well, so not spending time on her nagged me as a waste of the money we’d spent on slip fees and maintenance. The work we do on her gets harder as we get older, and sailboats in rough weather are a workout of their own. Hell, sailboats in good weather are a workout. And I’ve found myself, if entirely truthful, to be a nervous sailor when we have others on board, as it is our responsibility to keep them safe. So it is with both sadness and relief that we’ve decided to sell Bolero.

So, if you know of anyone looking to buy a lovingly cared for older boat, perfect for a couple or small family, send them this link:

While the day we hand the keys to a new owner will be a good one, it will also be a sad one. Bolero blessed us with many hours of happiness, which we hope she shares with a new, happy family.

May she always have fair winds and following seas.




September 14, 2016

This 1984 O’Day 34 is located in Fairhaven (in water until 10/30/16) or New Bedford, MA (on the hard after 10/30/16) and is available for showing by appointment. The O’Day 34 design concept was aimed at moderate sailing performance and spacious accommodations. The shoal draft keel allows for access to more anchorages while still pointing […]

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A New Addition

September 9, 2016

No, we didn’t do something crazy like adopt a baby or get a puppy. My cousin Bob says he hates coming to my parties because all the food looks fake. We decided we weren’t getting enough use out of our backyard. It was lovely, but the large, flat stones with thyme growing around them made […]

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The Family We Make

September 2, 2016

I know I’ve talked about my “other” family. My two “brothers” and their mom, who is more like my sister. Mark, Dan and Carol came into my life by way of my dad’s best friend, Merwin. Carol married Merwin when her sons were young; thinking back I want to say they were 13 and 9 […]

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A Little Slice of Heaven

August 25, 2016

My cousin Claudia’s in-laws own a summer cottage in Enfield, NH, and have generously shared it with their kids who in turn have shared it with us. Lake Mascoma is their back yard, and the house has a dock with kayaks and canoes and a bunch of rafts perfect for floating on a hot summer […]

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Longing for a Taste of Greece

August 12, 2016

I’m missing the flavors of Greece. We’ve had lots of company in July and August and eaten some tasty summer concoctions along with fresh corn and real, unwaxed cucumbers, but I’m having taste memories about the dishes we like most from the tavernas in Athens and the islands. I’ve been indulging in real, full fat […]

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My Favorite Things

August 3, 2016

Metaxa For the uninitiated the Greeks make a wonderful brandy called Metaxa. Steve and I had a nightcap at the rooftop bar of the Electra Palace, our hotel while in Athens, and I noticed the bottle on the shelf. Actually, two bottles, 5 and 7, denoting how long that particular bottle had been aged. I […]

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Athens and The Benakis Museum

August 2, 2016

This post should have appeared last week, but we found ourselves in the 8th circle of hell while we dealt with Verizon over our total inability to access the Internet. We’re back, but for how long is anyone’s guess. We certainly took things in stride and were an easy bunch to manage, although I think […]

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Santorini and Poros

July 27, 2016

Truth be told, we didn’t care if we got to Santorini or not. There was certainly a question as to whether or not we would as the wind and mechanical issues made it a difficult voyage, but so many people on this trip had never been to Greece and it was on their must-see list, […]

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Syros, Poros and Santorini

July 25, 2016

No, I am not referring to the Three Musketeers. These were our last three stops on the cruise, and aside from Santorini were not on the original itinerary. The wind and mechanical issues really did wreak havoc with the schedule, but we didn’t care. Syros and Poros were new to Steve and me and were […]

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