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La Concha de Mar (The Seashell), Book One of The Driftwood Chronicles Available for Pre-Order now!

La Concha de Mar (The Seashell), is the story of Laine Devlin, a brilliant five-star restaurant owning chef who is running from her evil Russian Mob-tied husband. She’s all but disappeared from the planet, escaping on a sailboat with little money and nothing but her wits to keep her alive. The FBI wants her cooperation to put her husband in jail, but she knows they can’t keep her safe. When boat trouble lands her in a tiny marina on the Connecticut coast she meets a man she doesn’t want to run from, but can he keep her safe? Or will she need to run again?

La Concha de Mar is her strongest novel yet. A thriller!”

 -Octavia Randolph, author of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

The Seashell [Kindle Edition]

The Seashell [Paperback]

Saint Nicholas’s Girls

saintWill it be a naughty or nice Christmas in the town of O’Dell, Vermont?

Patty and Faith Nicholas are a mother daughter team who’ve taken on life’s challenges together. When Faith buys an old Vermont country inn in the town of O’Dell a renewed spirit takes over the sleepy hamlet known for its Christmas festival. Faith wins the heart of Will Grant, an O’Dell carpenter, while the local newspaper publisher, Jack Kimball, is smitten with Patty. But a big hotelier with ties to the bank has designs on the Jay Feather Inn, and his henchwoman was once Will’s fiancée.

Can mother and daughter stand up to a corporate takeover and save Christmas in O’Dell?
And how far is Will’s ex prepared to go to get him back?

Saint Nicholas’s Girls [Kindle Edition]



Never in My Life

Never in My Life [Kindle Edition]

Never In My Life by DP HenryHave you ever fallen hard for an unreachable rock star?
What if he fell in love right back?

New Englander Kate Margaux is a crackerjack businesswoman in a stale relationship. Caught up in her dreams of a more exciting romantic life, she writes a novel about meeting the rock star of her fantasies, thinly veiling his identity. Her romance about fictional businesswoman Johanna and international rocker Ian becomes an overnight bestseller. But her real life British rock star, Simon Hardwicke, seeks out Kate after reading about the character he recognizes as himself. Fodder for the tabloids, Simon’s pursuit of Kate wreaks havoc with Kate’s relationship with her significant other and exposes Kate to an old lover whose obsession with Kate could turn deadly.

Is Simon drawn to Kate or the woman in her novel?
Sparks fly, but is it love, lawsuit, or murder?


A Place Within Her

A Place Within Her [Kindle Edition]

A Place Within Her by DP HenryAfter a series of tragedies leaves her reeling, Thea Garrett escapes to the Caribbean to restart her life. Her photography business is booming, she is surrounded by the beauty of the islands, dances to reggae music on the beach and falls into bed with Nevisian Police Chief Peter Moses. But Thea witnesses the attempted kidnapping of British businessman Jasper Collins. A bond forms between his daughter Tori and Thea, and Jas is smitten with his daughter’s new friend. Thea’s affair with Peter, her growing relationship with Jasper Collins, and her friendship with Tori put Thea in the abductors’ sights.

Can she protect Tori? And can Thea survive?