Love These Guys

It is always a pleasure to find people whose work is exciting. I’m happy to pass along sites that I enjoy and that have great things to share. Check these out… ~ Author and illustrator Teresa Flavin’s work. Don’t miss her trilogy – The Blackhope Enigma, The Crimson Shard, and The Shadow Lantern. Great stories for teens and adults alike.

Octavia Randolph of is Author of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga, a top 10 Amazon woman’s adventure series, Octavia is an historical essayist and author of Light, Descending a novel about John Ruskin. And she has really long hair. Like, Lady Godiva hair. Who she writes about, actually.

Hondartza Fraga and Lorna Barrowclough  are artists working on ~ an arts project exploring human relationships with the sea. Follow their journey!

Charles Sherman Photography, see his work here. Charles is responsible for some of the photos on, as well as the one of me on the home page. He can be reached at

Debra Nettles of Nettles Design,, who has done a lovely job designing my beautiful logo and my website.

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