Turtle Time

April 26, 2017

While in Barbados I had the great pleasure of snorkeling with some Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles. These guys were trained to know that when the dive boats came that they’d get some grub, so while it wasn’t as special as coming upon them in the “wild” it was still pretty special.

There are three wrecks just off shore at Carlisle Bay, just around the bend from Needham’s Point and our hotel. The Hilton has a kiosk for Barbados Blue Dive Shop on their property, and the shop is just across the parking area at the Hilton. I was just looking for a short jaunt, not an all day excursion, so this was perfect. Besides, I didn’t want Cindy to get too many rum punches ahead of me.

The dive instructors combined a snorkel trip with a dive trip, and one of them had a bit of an attitude problem with us lowly snorkelers. It was duly noted in their Trip Advisor review. But the guys that took care of us lowly snorkelers were great.

A short boat trip to a wreck site and the divers were dumped off, then we motored to the turtle area. And it didn’t disappoint.

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These creatures were quite big, as evidenced by their comparison to our guide. Click on the link below to see…

Guide with Turtle

From there we snorkeled the wrecks, which teemed with beautiful tropical fish.

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Warm water, gorgeous fish and really cool turtles.

It doesn’t get much better.


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